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June 2011



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Jun. 29th, 2011


80 journal writing prompts

  1. Name something you lost or gave away that can never be replaced. The first thing that comes to mind is a ring that my dad had had engraved with a lion's head for my mum. I can't properly remember the story behind it but I think it was something to do with a date they went on when they were younger and the lion symbolised the pub they went to? I may be wrong, but I was still devastated when I lost that. Felt so guilty.
  2. What 5 websites do you visit often, and why? Facebook for obvious reasons; Livejournal, mostly for fandomsecrets but also just generally to see what's going on/to lurk; Twitter, again to see what's going on, to check trends, and to check for updates on the following 2 things; Mark Reads - he's currently reading His Dark Materials and loving it which is making me re-fall in love with it; TGWTG, though I will admit I really only follow Doug's and Lindsay's stuff. Special mention to Cracked.
  3. Name a totally useless possession and how you came to acquire it. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in having several useless possessions so it's difficult to narrow it down. I'll go with the windchime on my ceiling. I think I got it from Shared Earth during my windchime collecting phase, but it's always been pretty impractical. The only time it actually chimes is when I bash my head on it, so I mostly associate the sound with mild pain/annoyance/irritation. I don't know why I still keep it up there.
  4. What music album would be used for a movie about your life? I really don't think my life could even have a soundtrack, it's just not interesting enough to document. I'm thinking through some of my current favourite artists like Arcade Fire and Death Cab and Frightened Rabbit (a recent discovery) but none of these really feel like me. And so, thinking about it, I feel like Kate Rusby (I can't really narrow it down to a specific album) is the best fit for my life, even though I can't fully explain why.
  5. List your bad habits and/or addictions and what you have tried to rid yourself of them. I click my knuckles. I've heard conflicting arguments about how bad this is for you - on the one hand, as an occasional habit, it's not too bad as it's just dispelling air from your joints, but on the other hand if you do it enough you really can damage the bones or cartilage or whatever and wear them down. I click them unconsciously several times a day so I'm probably doing genuine damage. And I honestly haven't done much to curb the habit.
  6. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be, and what would you do if later on you changed your mind? I'm not sure. I guess I wish I was more proactive and motivated so I could get on and do things and live my life rather than sleep in till noon every day and give each day up as a lost cause? Honestly, I don't think that's something I would want to change my mind about later, I don't know how that could have a negative effect on my life.
  7. What are your religious beliefs?  Have they changed, or have they always stayed the same? I'm atheist-agnostic. I don't believe in a higher power or any other kind of religious entity but I embrace the possibility that they could exist. I was Christian (following my mum's example) until I went to college where I gradually became Christian-agnostic (generally unsure, but accepting the possibility of the existence of the Christian God), and then during my time at university I became less and less inclined to believe in any kind of god.
  8. When was your last food craving, and what did you crave? I don't remember. I mean, I crave food most of the time, tbh, and it's usually chocolate unless I've just stuffed myself with chocolate, in which case I may crave an apple to offset the chocolate. I guess the last thing I craved was a toasted teacake, and I had one. *shrug*
  9. Who was your first crush and what made them special? Earliest one I can remember was when I was in year 3, I had a crush on a boy called Sam. I don't think there was anything special about it him except that I thought he was good-looking?
  10. Name your most cherished childhood memory. I'm seriously running out of steam now. I can't think of a specific one, really, so I'll pick a memory at random. Actually, I'll deviate a bit. It's not a memory, it's a sound. It's the way my mum used to call my name when she was in a happy playful mood. She'd say it in a funny sing-song, and although I can't fully remember the context around it (though I remember the sound very clearly) I get the feeling she'd use that voice when I was being moody and it was her way of teasing me and trying to get me to stop being so serious. It's not something I can fully explain, but there you go. Something I cherish.
Holy crap, there are 80 of these things. I think I've written more than enough for now. I may come back to answer more. I may not. The latter is more likely.

Jun. 24th, 2011


Haha, I feel stupid already

Okay so, apparently they've just taken a sample and sent him home again, so obviously they aren't overly worried otherwise surely they'd have kept him in longer? I don't know, I guess they could still find things wrong, but it isn't an immediate concern. Argh, I'm still not sure how worried I should be. :/
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Things and stuff

I haven't posted here in a long time. That's obvious. That said, I therefore don't know if anyone will read this post, but I guess that doesn't matter, I just needed to write something with the vague feeling that I'm sharing it with other people rather than writing it into a silent void (in the case of writing in a notebook for example). So.

I was watching Mumford & Sons live in Glastonbury tonight and getting really into it with a glass (or 3) of wine. About a quarter of the way through, about halfway through one of my favourite songs (Roll Away Your Stone) dad comes in early (as he's usually footballing and drinkering on a Friday night) announcing that he's off to the hospital. I'm not sure whether he'd be comfortable me advertising this on LJ, but a) he doesn't even know about LJ and b) like I said, I don't know if anyone will read this anyway, so I might as well say he apparently passed blood and wants to get this checked out. As far as we know, this is nothing to worry about. But it could also be a very bad thing too. My brother said don't worry about it, and I'm trying not to, but the last time I laid back and didn't worry about something one of my parents died, so yes, I am worrying.

I asked dad if he wanted me to come with him and he said no, there'll be a long waiting queue, which is true, and honestly I don't want to go to the hospital, but hell, I don't want to make the same mistake as last time when I pretended everything was fine, and sure, everything could be fine, but it might not, and also I'm slightly drunk now so my inebriated mind is probably magnifying things. Point is, I'm just not sure what to feel right now and I'll probably feel like an idiot in the morning and delete this post. Whatever. We'll see soon how this all turns out...

Aside from that, despite not being able to concentrate properly on the rest of the Mumford & Sons performance, they were wonderful and I wish I could see them in person. And I'm looking forward to their new album.

Now I'm off to read the last chapter of Northern Lights so I can keep up with Mark Reads. If I can keep focussed on it. God, it's going to make me cry, isn't it?

Oct. 8th, 2009


Writer's Block: Job search

Are you happy at your current job? Do you think there's such a thing as a dream job? What do you hope to be doing five or ten years from now? Are you working towards that goal?

I don't have a job. I'm a lowly student who is not only in a lot of debt, I'm also way way into my overdraft. But if we can classify 'student' as a job (as technically, I don't think students can be labelled as unemployed?), then yes, I suppose I am happy with it. I like learning, and I like the lifestyle, and I'm certainly not looking forward to the prospect of a 9 to 5 job. I'm hoping my future career won't require the typical 9 to 5, but I really shouldn't keep my hopes up considering the current econimic climate. And beggars can't be choosers, etc. etc.

Dream job...? I'm not sure. I'm keeping my options open. I don't know whether that's wise or foolish, but there you go. I want to try out different things so I can find out what I'd like to do with the rest of my life, and as far as that goes, I'm starting to do just that. Right now, I'm interested in conservation. I did a little bit of that over summer, and I'd like to continue with it for a bit (or forever, depending on whether or not I decide that this is for me). Last year, my main goal was to get to Japan and teach English and sample the culture. That's....still on the agenda if I can get my arse in gear and organise it. That would be a different experience. And then there's the prospect of doing a Masters degree. Stay in education as long as possible so as to avoid the scary world of job seeking and 9 to 5s. But then money is an issue. There are always knots to figure out in future plans. We'll see.

So, 5/10 years down the line? Fuck if I know. It all depends on which decisions I make in the next couple of years.

May. 9th, 2009


Still alive!

Ack, my lurkiness appears to be increasing! Aren't lurkers supposed to gradually de-lurk, rather than, um...en-lurken...ise? No, I don't know what I'm going on about either. Basically, I have been a very bad LJ user and haven't updated in something like 2 weeks. Which means I haven't been reviewing my shows! Blasphemy! And because I'm lazy, I do not really intend to. Yes, I'm sure you all find it tragic and feel you can't live without my amazing reviews now that you have had those brief, delicious tastes of them, but you'll just have to find a way of coping.

Oh, okay then, because I am merciful, I'll give some brief reviews.

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In other news!
My first exam is swiftly approaching and I need to start revising. Unfortunately I have this horrible habit of...not. I mean, it really shouldn't be that hard, I just need to refamiliarise myself with the texts (or in some cases, start/finish reading them), look back through lecture notes and make sure I'm aware of important themes and link them in the texts. It's not that that I'm particularly averse to - in fact, I like the majority of the texts I studied for American Lit - it's just the very idea of work, of having something I have to do that puts me off doing it.
And I find multiple distractions. In the form of The Internet, other books I'd much rather read, eating (what? I can't work while I eat!) and Watching Stuff. One of those distractions has been cruelly confiscated. Which makes me sad. BUT I have found further distractions, which may be why I'm currently giving this update...apart from the fact that it was sorely needed.

But anyway, today, instead of revising, I've been thinking dissertation-y thoughts, and went hunting for jester-related resources, as I want to write about the role of jesters in literature. There's this awesome site that I've known about for a couple of years called The Jester's Mask which I reckon will be invaluable to me next year. It's got all sorts of info on jesters, like quotes, books, plays, poems, costume info, analyses, lists of all the different kinds of jester...It's just what I need, and I really do find it all incredibly interesting. So I've been scouring that site and a couple of others it linked me to.

Sadly, that site doesn't seem to get updated often. But some of the resource links are even worse. There was one or two sites I came across in my search that hadn't been updated since 2001. And it's so weird to think that there must be so many of these dead websites out there, just floating around, not being used, the links dead, the pictures vanished. It's just weird and kinda creepy. Kinda reminds me of this book I once read called Exodus which was set not too far into the future where the world has been almost completely flooded and technology has become practically obsolete. The protagonist has a rare object that allows her to access the internet, or what remains of it, and the way the author describes it makes it seem like a sort of junksite, or a graveyard of information. It wass haunting in a way. None of it was alive anymore, none of it being used - no one was there. Anyway, that's what it reminded me of, stumbling into a far corner of the internet where no one ever went anymore.

And now I'm going to go take a shower. Off out to see Star Trek soon. Yay?

Apr. 11th, 2009


DOCTOR WHO: PLANET OF THE DEAD and my thoughts thereof. Watch out for the bonus prize.

I'm gonna keep it short. I know I've said that before and failed, but this time I don't have the means of including screencaps (due to actually watching this on tv - this barely ever happens!) So.

Spoiler safety. Brought to you by LJ cuts.Collapse )

And on an unrelated note, I went into town today cos I've almost finished Ship of Magic and I'm too impatient to wait till I next see hikari_datenshi (i.e. Tuesday) to filch her copy of The Mad Ship. So I went to get my own copy. Hoped I'd be able to find one in charity shop, so I went to the 3 that I knew of (on opposite sides of town) but no luck. Ended up having to spend £8.99 on it. £8.99!! Extortionate, I tell ya! Still, I quite like the new covers they've got on 'em. All shiny and pretty.

Anyway, thought I'd have a bit of a wander, bought a few other things and had a look around the market and the food and crafts fayre - lots of shiny, pretty things, and lots of mouth-watering things, but I managed to resist those. I also thought I'd have a look in HMV and maybe get some SPN dvds if they were on offer. And while I was browsing, I saw this:

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A brief note regarding tags: I may have stolen one of your words, hikari_datenshi, so as reparation for that, you now get your very own tag :D

Apr. 10th, 2009

Oh no!

So...I'm now up to date with himym

What now? I'm not sure what to do with myself.

Be productive, did you say? Get some work done? Roflsnort! No no, ppl, serious suggestions only, plz. Kthx.

Lost 5.12 Reaction Post - 'Dead is Dead'

Just a short one, hopefully.

Beware. Spoilers lurk in these parts.Collapse )

Okay, maybe that wasn't so short. *shrug*

Apr. 9th, 2009


UK SPN Friending Meme Pimpage

That is all.
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Oh, House...

You do so make me sad =(

So I made this (major spoilers for House 5.20)Collapse )

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